Financial Planning Services

GDM ADVISORY GROUP, LTD. provides the client with objective analyses and recommendations for their financial, investment, risk management, and estate planning opportunities. The recommendations are developed from a total perspective of the client's resources, objectives, and investment temperament. We work closely with our clients and their advisors to implement our recommendations. This approach goes beyond the sharing of ideas - we turn theory into reality.

For many, our firm’s services offer the first opportunity to clearly think through and crystallize a client's financial and estate goals. The programs are designed to help clients make informed decisions relative to their unique situation.

GDM ADVISORY GROUP, LTD.’s integrated program is divided into four principal areas:


The financial area focuses on a client's existing wealth and structure, their stated objectives and ability to attain those objectives, both on a short and long-term basis. Clients receive a report addressing various topics including cash management/savings opportunities, education funding, tax planning, and retirement planning.


Given our solid understanding of a client's objectives, temperament and resources (both current and projected), we can customize an investment program. This strong foundation ensures the design of an appropriate asset allocation and investment program.

Estate Planning

The estate planning component includes a thorough examination of a client's existing documents, reviewing the tax efficiency of the plan, while focusing specifically on the non-financial elements which oftentimes go overlooked. Additionally, we offer specific recommendations concerning a client's dispositive objectives along with other planning opportunities. We work closely with your current counsel to accomplish your estate planning objectives.

Risk Management

We examine all aspects of a client's insurance program: life, disability, property & casualty, and excess liability insurance programs. We also suggest specific strategies and refinements to strengthen a client's insurance portfolio. We serve as a client advocate, ensuring that insurance is purchased rather than sold.

The Planning Process

Typically, the initial development, presentation, and implementation of a client's program occur over a four to eight week period. The work process is multi-staged and includes:

  • Initial Conference - review of financial resources and objectives.
  • Examination of Information - analyze documents and financial data used in preparation of client's program including recommendations for restructuring existing financial, investment, risk management, and estate programs.
  • Preparation of Financial Summary - outline ideas and recommendations.
  • Presentation Conference - present ideas and recommendations for restructured programs.
  • Implementation Conference - identify time frames and responsibility for completion of Action Plan items.


GDM offers an integrated, customized, holistic approach to your financial planning and wealth management needs. Additionally, our firm shares valuable peace of mind which many clients seek in today’s dynamic and challenging environment.


GDM ADVISORY GROUP, LTD. represents the client's interest exclusively. Every aspect of our service is performed under the strictest rules of professional ethics and confidentiality. Our firm emphasizes personal, "one-on-one" meetings rather than relying on correspondence. This approach encourages meaningful dialogue, establishes rapport, and ensures that information is communicated appropriately.


Fees for financial, investment, and estate planning services are not based on a client's wealth or income. Rather, our fees are based on the scope and complexity of a client's circumstances and needs. The quoted fee covers services rendered through the completion of our recommendations. Accordingly, there is no prescribed time frame covered by our arrangement. Typically, the initial fee arrangement will cover a six to twelve month time frame.

During a complimentary, no obligation, initial consultation, a fee range will be provided. This fee range is meant to be an estimate, although the range is representative of the actual fee. Subsequent to the initial working session, a firm fee quote will be provided. If for any reason, the client chooses not to proceed, there is no obligation to continue. However, we ask to be compensated for the time spent during that session.

Fees for our financial, investment, and estate planning services range from $3,500 to $7,500. The financial arrangements, along with all other aspects of our relationship, are documented in a signed agreement. Payment terms are 50% payable upon engagement, and the balance due subsequent to the presentation of our recommendations.

GDM ADVISORY GROUP, LTD. firmly believes that the financial planning process continues beyond the initial development and implementation of our recommendations. In an effort to provide a continuous and open channel of communication with our clients, we offer unlimited service in our ongoing service. This service includes updates to your financial, investment, and estate plan on an as needed basis, unlimited access by phone or personally with our advisors, and regular updates to your financial information. The latter is accomplished by requesting copies of your monthly brokerage and/or mutual fund statement from the custodian(s). We update your data upon receipt of this information.